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Jettlato is a delicious, powerful strain that also goes by the name “Jet Fuel Gelato.” It was bred as a combination of Jet Fuel and Hi-Octane strains, which impart equal parts diesel, cream, berry, and fuel flavors, as well as a high THC level and a creeping high.

The strain was entered in the 2020 Cannabis Cup in Illinois and has all the markers of a genuine OG, including a diverse terpene profile and an expressive, balancing high.

The Jetlato strain has a terpene profile that favors Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene, which gives the strain a combination of flavors, including various herbs, fruits, and spices.

The strain flowers in around 9-10 weeks and grows in an exotic, colorful pattern that favors not only a green exterior but dark and light purple hues throughout the body of the strain. Buy Jettlato Bag Marijuana Stain

The trichomes are large and sparkly – up close, they have a slight amber tint. The strain grows well outside and inside and yields just under a pound of weed per square meter when grown outside.

GROWING TIPS: Over the lengthy flowering period (Jetlato can even take as long as 72 days), this strain can grow pretty tall. Indoors, it can be 6 feet in height; outside, this number increases to 10. Make sure you have the vertical growing space to handle Jetlato, no matter where you grow it. Buy Jettlato Bag Marijuana Stain

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