THC Coco Nugs



THC Coco Nugs Near Me

Eating your weed can be a real treat – but the KoKo Nuggz take it one step further and make it possible to trick your friends and fool your taste buds when you pop a tasty nug into your mouth for the perfect Cannabis crunch.

KoKo Nuggz have been around for a few years and they’re a fun party favor that once got this writer kicked out of a coffee shop when the waitress exclaimed, “There’s no weed allowed in here!” When the concept of delicious, cocoa-covered cereal treats was explained, she still said either they go, or we go – just because they looked like nugs! While the novelty aspect makes for a fun story, it’s awesome to finally see these delicious treats infused with THC and available for sale in Washington’s recreational Cannabis market.

The jars aren’t see-through, but opening up a bottle is just like getting into a bag of weed, complete with big chunky nugs that look ready to smoke. However, they’re nug look-a-likes (which is the first time we’ve written that) – little pot imposters that are both edible and delicious. The Kushberry flavor has a crunchy, sweet berry flavor with an undeniable hint of Kush that comes out perfectly. The OG Kush green buds are bright and sweeter, and the Cookies & Cream are sultry with a delicate hint of chocolate. THC Coco Nugs Near Me

Now believe us when we say that we loved the novelty of these bites before infusion, but the new THC versions are possibly the best edible we’ve eaten this year. And when the jar is empty (just like when you run out of some delicious GSC from Berner), the next buzz is just a trip to the weed store away! THC Coco Nugs Near Me