Gooderz Watermelon Bag



Gooderz Watermelon Bag

Watermelon Gushers, also known as “Watermelon Gusherz,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Gelatti X Gushers strains.

If you’re after a super mouthwatering bud with a calming, nighttime high, Watermelon Gushers is the perfect choice for you. This bud packs a sweet and sour, tropical citrus taste accented by hints of light spice and herbs.

The aroma is very similar, with a sour, tropical citrus aroma accented by spicy herbs and juicy watermelon. The Watermelon Gushers high isn’t quite as vibrant as the flavor, with soothing, nighttime effects that will have you feeling more kicked back than boosted. Gooderz Watermelon Bag

You’ll feel lifted and euphoric from start to finish with a light weight felt behind the eyes and in the forehead. A sense of physical calm comes next, wrapping its way around your entire body and leaving you feeling super relaxed and ready to finally get to sleep.

Thanks to these effects and its high 18-19% average THC level, Watermelon Gushers is often said to be perfect for treating conditions such as insomnia, depression, chronic stress, chronic pain and cramps or muscle spasms.

This bud has fluffy and flat, rounded spade-shaped forest green nugs with purple undertones, thin orange hairs and chunky amber trichomes. Gooderz Watermelon Bag

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