Afghan Kush Strain



Afghan Kush Strain

Afghan kush looks very beautiful to the eye, pale green with a tinge of yellow, orange
both light and dark hairs are present, it looks like an orange and gold nugget, with
irregular crystals.

Odor Afghan Kush also has a very delicate whole nugget smell with hints of saffron and scotch butter. Once break the bud even if the burnt caramel smell becomes dominant.

Taste Likewise having a spicy flavor, this bud has a spicy tone with nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger harder. Very soft the taste of nutmeg stays with you for a few moments.


The effect of Afghan Kush is instant. You get a lot of relaxation, and a little heavy eye, (not for the towers). I found that I didn’t feel much pain. I also feel like this is a big spasm. And if you have difficulty sleeping and you think you need to sleep immediately, Afghan kush is your herb.
Afghan Kush is by far my favorite strain of the year. Personally know someone who has cultivated it and looking at the beauty gave me passion for such an extraordinary strain.

The smells coming out this girl was spicy as hell during flowering and then toned down during drying. During the seasoning it is when he showed his true colors. It went from a spicy smell to a mild sweetness with hints of lime bright green and orange hairs.

A very smooth smoke compared to most. Honey oil made with this the stain is phenomenal. The highest strain in a while Dalkode d.L Afghan Kush Strain

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