Piff Bar


Piff Bars Breeders in Amsterdam have long been able to produce incredible strains and the team at Gage Green Genetics always stands out head and
shoulders above the rest. Their sativa-dominant hybrid Bright Puff draws on the best parts of parents Grape Stomper and Joseph OG to offer an
uplifting high that’s great for all users.
About Blue Puff
Medical strains that allow you to be functional during te day while soothing your symptoms are nearly worth their weight in goid, Bright Puff combats
physical pain with the best of them and allows all mental concerns to dissolve for several hours. Instances of anxiety, depression, and even
ADD/ADHD won’t stop you in your tracks today, so take a hit, get to work, and find yourself being far more productive than you’ve ever imagined
possible how long do piff bars last.
Bright Puff is a great strain for home growers who are looking to take their game to the next level. While this plant is easy enough to grow, she will
require a bit of work, especially as she matures and buds start to get heavy. After 7 to 9 weeks of indoor growth, you’ll be shocked at just how much
product you’ve yielded. Tho5e who like to make their own concentrates would be wise to include this strain in their  line-up as well piff bar.

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